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Plum Creek Announces Tax Treatment of 2014 Dividend

Jan 9, 2015

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 9, 2015-- Plum Creek Timber Company, Inc. (NYSE:PCL) today announced the tax treatment for dividend distributions made in 2014 on its Common Stock.

Plum Creek’s total 2014 dividend distribution of $1.76 per share is classified for income tax purposes as Capital Gain Distributions primarily because the income generated by the sale of Plum Creek’s timber is considered long-term capital gain. As such, Plum Creek’s 2014 dividends will be taxed at a capital gain rate of 20 percent for most U.S. taxpayers.

The table below summarizes the income tax treatment of the company’s 2014 dividends:

2014 Dividend Tax Reporting Information (Form 1099-DIV)

Plum Creek Timber Company, Inc.

Common Stock

CUSIP #729251108

Ticker Symbol: PCL

February May August November
    Distribution   Distribution   Distribution   Distribution   Total
Capital Gain Distributions

(long-term 20% rate)

  100%   100%   100%   100%   100%
Nondividend Distributions

(return of capital)

  0%   0%   0%   0%   0%
Total   100%   100%   100%   100%   100%

Plum Creek is among the largest and most geographically diverse private landowners in the nation with approximately 6.6 million acres of timberlands in forest ecosystems across the northern and southeastern United States. We also operate wood products mills in the Northwest. We continue to manage our working forests and lands using sustainable practices to benefit Plum Creek’s many stakeholders. Our talented employees work together to create shareholder value, serve as stewards of the environment, make wood products for everyday use, and build strong communities. Please visit for the latest information about Plum Creek.

Source: Plum Creek Timber Company, Inc.

Plum Creek Timber Company, Inc.
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Kathy Budinick, 1-888-467-3751

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