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Corporate Profile for Plum Creek Timber Company, Inc., dated Dec. 7, 2001

Dec 6, 2001

Dec 07, 2001 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The following Corporate Profile is availablefor inclusion in your files. News releases for this client are distributed byBusiness Wire and also become part of the leading databases and online services,including all of the leading Internet-based services.

Published Date:   Dec. 7, 2001Company Name:     Plum Creek Timber Company, Inc.Address:          999 Third Avenue, Suite 2300City:             SeattleState/Province:   WAZIP/Postal Code:  98104Country:          USAMain Telephone Number:          206/467-3600Internet URL:     www.plumcreek.comChief Executive Officer:         Rick R. HolleyChief Financial Officer:         William R. BrownInvestor Relations Contact:         John B. HobbsIR Telephone Number:          206/467-3628IR E-mail:        john.hobbs@plumcreek.comPublic Relations Contact:         Robert J. JirsaPR Telephone Number:          206/467-3626PR E-mail:        bob.jirsa@plumcreek.comIndustry:         Forest Products, REITsPublic Company:   yesExchange and symbol:          (NYSE:PCL)
Company Description: Plum Creek, a real estate investment trust, is one of thelargest land owners in the nation, with over 7.8 million acres of timberlands inevery significant timber-growing region of the United States and nine woodproduct mills in the Northwest.

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