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Plum Creek Honored with Patriot Award for Soldier Support

Jun 14, 2004

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 14, 2004--Plum Creek TimberCompany, Inc. (NYSE:PCL) today announced that it has received thePatriot Award for contributing to national security through itspersonnel policies that support employee participation in the NationalGuard and Reserve.

Brigadier General Randy Mosley of the Montana Army National Guardpresented the award on behalf of the Department of Defense to threePlum Creek executives in Columbia Falls, Montana on May 19.

Plum Creek Senior Forester, Don Sneck submitted the nomination forthe award but was unable to attend the ceremony because he ispresently serving in Iraq. He has served in the guard for 20 years andtoday, flies a helicopter air ambulance evacuating injured soldiersfrom southern Iraq to Kuwait.

"Plum Creek is pleased to receive this honor and to support ouremployees who are deployed to serve our country during thischallenging time," said Rick Holley, president and chief executiveofficer. "We look forward to welcoming each of these soldiers back toPlum Creek upon their return from service."

Mosely explained that the country has now deployed the largestforce of reserves and guardsmen since World War II. "This doesn't workwithout the support of their bosses," he said.

Plum Creek is one of the largest land and timber owners in thenation, with approximately 8 million acres of timberlands in majortimber producing regions of the United States and 10 wood productsmanufacturing facilities in the Northwest.

CONTACT: Plum Creek Timber Company, Inc.
Investors: John Hobbs, 800-858-5347
Media: Kathy Budinick, 206-467-3620

SOURCE: Plum Creek Timber Company, Inc.

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