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All of Plum Creek's Forests Independently Certified to Meet Sustainable Forestry Standards

Jan 18, 2005

SEATTLE, Jan 18, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Plum Creek TimberCompany, Inc. (NYSE:PCL), one of the largest private timberland ownersin the nation, announced today that an independent auditor hascertified that all of its timberland holdings -- approximately 8million acres -- are managed to the standards of the SustainableForestry Initiative(R) (SFI) program.

"Plum Creek has long conducted its business with a strongcommitment to the environment," said Rick Holley, president and chiefexecutive officer. "This certification confirms our longstandingapproach to practicing sustainable forestry which includes theperpetual growing and harvesting of trees with the protection ofwildlife, plants, soil and water quality. It also confirms thediligence of our foresters who work every day to meet thiscommitment."

PricewaterhouseCoopers conducted the SFI audits to verify thatPlum Creek's forests meet SFI's comprehensive system of principles,objectives, performance measures and indicators. These independentauditors collaborated with academic and other forestry experts toreview Plum Creek's operations in several states during 2004. PlumCreek's operations in other states were certified in previous years.The audit process included extensive interviews and field visitsacross the country and an inspection of company policies, practices,procedures and cooperative agreements.

In 1999, Plum Creek was one of the first timber companies tocertify all of its timberlands (3.2 million acres) to the SFI program.Today, in addition to all of Plum Creek's forests being certified, allof the company's lumber and plywood products carry the SFI label.

Plum Creek's sustainable forestry practices include, among otherthings:

  • Replanting -- Each year, Plum Creek plants 85 million seedlings and plans for the natural regeneration of millions of trees. Within two years of harvesting, the company plants seedlings that are best suited to the slope, elevation and geography of the area. These practices ensure a continuous supply of forests into the future.
  • Protecting Water Quality -- Plum Creek implements Best Management Practices and forest practices regulations for water quality for all states in which it operates. Company foresters and scientists work collaboratively with state, federal and academic institutions to test and improve management practices to ensure water quality in streams, lakes and other water bodies.
  • Managing Wildlife Habitat -- Plum Creek's extensive land ownership and diverse forest types provide habitat to a wide range of wildlife, fish and plant species. Habitat for more than a dozen species, currently protected under the federal Endangered Species Act, can be found on company lands. Nearly 2 million acres of Company lands are involved in four Habitat Conservation Plans throughout the country and a conservation agreement for the grizzly bear in Montana.

Plum Creek is one of the largest private timberland owners in thenation, with approximately 8 million acres of timberlands in majortimber producing regions of the United States and 10 wood productsmanufacturing facilities in the Northwest.

SOURCE: Plum Creek Timber Company, Inc.

Plum Creek Timber Company, Inc.
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