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18,500 Acres in Wolf River Area of Langlade County to be Permanently Conserved

Oct 18, 2005

TOMAHAWK, Wis.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 19, 2005--Plum Creek TimberCompany (NYSE:PCL) today announced that more than 18,500 acres ofproperty near Wolf River in eastern Langlade County has beenpermanently conserved through a conservation easement with the Stateof Wisconsin. The property, which covers nearly 29 square miles, isvalued for the recreational opportunities and wildlife habitat itprovides.

A closing ceremony recognizing the land transaction was held todayon the property, which is south of the town of Lily. Thoseparticipating with Plum Creek officials in the ceremony includedGovernor Jim Doyle, and representatives from the Trust for PublicLand, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the Ice AgeTrail Foundation.

The Wolf River area is important to both recreationalists andconservationists who will continue to use the land for hunting,fishing, hiking, bird watching and other outdoor activities. Itincludes frontage on the banks of Nine Mile Creek and the Lily River.It also includes Tyra Lake and a six-mile segment of the Ice AgeTrail, which follows the path of the last glacier that cut throughWisconsin thousands of years ago. The land also borders the state'sWolf River Fishery area for several miles, providing an importantbuffer, which will protect this spectacular landscape.

The acquisition will take place over two years. Approximately10,700 acres will be purchased this year in the first phase andapproximately 7,800 acres will be purchased in the second phase in2006.

"Plum Creek is pleased to partner with the State of Wisconsin,Trust for Public Land and others to permanently protect the Wolf Riverarea," said Rick Holley, president and chief executive officer."Through this conservation partnership, the people of Wisconsin willcontinue to benefit from the many attributes of this land for years tocome."

"With the help of the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Fund, thispurchase ensures that this land will forever remain a working,sustainably-managed forest," said Governor Jim Doyle. "Forgenerations, citizens have depended on Wisconsin's great naturalresources -- for industry and jobs, for the health of our ecosystems,and for recreation. And I'm pleased that with the cooperation of PlumCreek, the Trust for Public Land, and others, we have worked togetherto protect Wisconsin's forests, and all that they contain, for theenjoyment of generations to come."

"Wisconsin's forestlands are the lifeblood of our great state.They provide us with clean air and water, vital fish and wildlifehabitat, countless recreational opportunities, and a supply of naturalresources that boost our economy and create jobs," said CongressmanMark Green (8th Congressional District). "That's precisely why we musttake steps now to responsibly manage our forests for futuregenerations. The transfer of this land along the Wolf River lets us dojust that, and I was glad to play a role in securing federal dollarsto help make it happen."

"By helping preserve the Wolf River area we are taking steps toensure that future generations of Wisconsinites will be able to enjoythis beautiful and scenic region for years to come," said UnitedStates Sen. Herb Kohl.

"We applaud Sens. Kohl and (Russ) Feingold and Reps. Green and(Dave) Obey for their leadership in securing critical federal ForestLegacy Program funding for the Wolf River project," said Alan Front,senior vice president for the Trust for Public Land. "We also want tothank Governor Doyle for his support and efforts to bring essentialstate funding to the project. With these funds, and with thepublic-spirited commitment of Plum Creek in making these landsavailable for conservation, a win-win solution for the Wolf River isnow a reality."

Plum Creek owns and manages more than approximately 500,000 acresof timberland in Wisconsin, and participates in a number of landconservation initiatives in the United States.

Plum Creek is one of the largest private timberland owners in thenation, with approximately 8 million acres of timberlands in majortimber producing regions of the United States and 10 wood productsmanufacturing facilities in the Northwest.

CONTACT: Plum Creek
Kathy Budinick, 206-467-3620

SOURCE: Plum Creek

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