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Plum Creek Nursery Celebrates 50 Years of Continuous Production

Oct 18, 2006

JESUP, Ga.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 18, 2006--Each year, PlumCreek's (NYSE:PCL) Jesup Nursery produces between 30 and 33 millionloblolly and slash pine seedlings, which is enough to regenerate morethan 50,000 acres. Now consider what the nursery has accomplished overits 50-year history. Since it opened in 1956, the nursery has producedmore than 720 million loblolly and slash pine seedlings, more than 2million longleaf pine, 2 million hardwood and 500,000 sand pine. Intotal, this is enough seedlings to regenerate nearly 1.2 million acres-- nearly the size of the state of Delaware!

The Jesup nursery, which celebrated its 50th anniversary onTuesday, October 17, is one of the South's oldest bareroot nurseriesthat has remained in continuous production. The nursery beganproduction under Brunswick Pulp ownership in 1956 on 20 acres. Overthe years, the nursery was slowly expanded and ownership changedhands. In 1989, Georgia-Pacific Corporation acquired the nursery; PlumCreek took over ownership in 2001 when it merged withGeorgia-Pacific's The Timber Company. The nursery currently spans 75acres, employing five full-time employees and approximately 20seasonal workers.

"Fifty years of continuous production is an important milestonethat Plum Creek is honored to have reached," said Tom Reed, vicepresident and general manager of Plum Creek's Southern Resources unit."Plum Creek is committed to sustainably managing all of our land,which incorporates the reforestation, managing, growing, nurturing andharvesting of trees. The Jesup Nursery has been an integral part ofthat process and will continue to be into the future."

All loblolly and slash pine seedlings produced at the JesupNursery are grown from seed produced at Plum Creek's five seed orchardcomplexes in Jesup, Georgia; Oliver, Georgia; Moselle, Mississippi;Choctaw, Alabama; and Crossett, Arkansas. More than 3,000 pounds ofseeds are planted each year at the nursery using precision sowers,specialized machines that accurately dispense and places seeds foroptimum growth. All seedlings are graded to assure quality beforeshipment to the customer. The seedlings produced at the nursery arealso used to reforest millions of acres of Plum Creek land in Georgia,Florida, Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Plum Creek is the largest and most geographically diverse privatelandowner in the nation with more than 8 million acres of timberlandsin major timber producing regions of the United States and 10 woodproducts manufacturing facilities in the Northwest. More informationabout the company can be found at

CONTACT: Plum Creek
Kathy Budinick, 206-467-3647

SOURCE: Plum Creek

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