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Plum Creek Named to Dow Jones Sustainability World Index

Oct 6, 2008

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Plum Creek Timber Co. Inc. (NYSE:PCL) today announced that DowJones has named the company to its Dow Jones Sustainability WorldIndex (DJSI World). The DJSI World comprises more than 300 of theleading sustainability companies out of the biggest 2,500 companiesworldwide. The Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes are the first globalindexes tracking the financial performance of the leadingsustainability-driven companies worldwide.

The DSJI World captures the top 10 percent of companies based onlong-term economic, environmental and social criteria. The underlyingresearch evaluates corporations based on a variety of criteriaincluding climate change strategies, energy consumption, humanresources development, knowledge management, stakeholder relations andcorporate governance.

"At Plum Creek, we believe that our efforts to be socially andenvironmentally responsible contribute to our overall businesssuccess, and we are pleased that Dow Jones Sustainability World Indexhas recognized the company's ongoing efforts in this regard," saidRick Holley, Plum Creek's president and chief executive officer.

"Plum Creek has long conducted its business with a strongcommitment to sustainability," Holley continued. "In 1999, Plum Creekwas the first company to have all of its lands third-party certifiedby PricewaterhouseCoopers to the standards of the Sustainable ForestryInitiative(R). Today, Plum Creek continues this commitment and islooking forward to helping resolve global sustainability concerns byworking on carbon sequestration initiatives and researching emergingalternative energy sources such as biofuels."

Plum Creek is the largest and most geographically diverse privatelandowner in the nation with approximately 8 million acres oftimberlands in major timber producing regions of the United States and10 wood products manufacturing facilities in the Northwest.

The Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes track the financialperformance of the leading sustainability-driven companies worldwide.Based on the cooperation Dow Jones Indexes, STOXX Limited and SAMGroup, the indexes provide asset managers with reliable and objectivebenchmarks to manage sustainability portfolios. The indexes covercompanies in terms of economic, environmental and social criteria.Full details about the design philosophy, review methodology and indexcomponents are available at

Source: Plum Creek Timber Co. Inc.

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