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iLevel by Weyerhaeuser Demonstrates Structural Framing Techniques to Help Builders Earn ENERGY STAR® Label for New Homes

Jan 14, 2010

Software and service expertise point way toward advanced framing for energy efficiency

FEDERAL WAY, Wash., January 14, 2010 As homebuyer interest in reducing energy use continues to rise, iLevel by Weyerhaeuser is in discussions with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to support builders in constructing more energy efficient wall framing.  iLevel has taken the lead in developing software and support services for builders to help them meet the requirements of the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® for Homes program Version Three, scheduled for implementation in 2011.  Builders will have a chance to see a demonstration wall using advanced framing techniques for a tighter, energy efficient building envelope during the International Builders’ Show® (IBS) in Las Vegas, January 19 – 22, 2010 (visit iLevel IBS booth #C3971).


Builders can use simple-to-implement structural framing solutions that enable more efficient insulating properties for wall assemblies. These include spacing 2 by 6 studs 24 inches on center versus the standard 2 by 4 studs at 16 inches, constructing two-stud corners, innovative wall intersections, insulated rim and careful design of framing member placement to provide a tighter and more continuous fit between the insulation and framing.  iLevel’s Javelin® software enables users to design wall framing to meet ENERGY STAR requirements with appropriate framing member sizing and placement.

“Advanced framing not only adds to the overall energy efficiency of the home, but can also reduce the volume of material and waste at the job site,” says Rob Brooks, Green Buildings Program Director for iLevel.  “Plus, the 2 by 6 wall offers greater structural strength over the 2 by 4 wall, which gives builders more design flexibility. Match this with the ease of our Javelin software to accommodate these practices and you have a win-win combination.”

“Programs like iLevel will help builders more easily achieve new advanced framing requirements for upcoming revisions to the ENERGY STAR for homes program,” says Sam Rashkin, National Director of EPA’s ENERGY STAR for Homes program.  “Their demonstration wall at the International Builders’ Show will provide a way to see that energy efficient framing practices are straightforward to build and dispel myths about problems meeting structural loads and accommodating nailing requirements for siding.”

In addition to its work with the ENERGY STAR program, iLevel supports green building goals with 100 percent certification of its lumber and engineered wood products to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI®) standard, designation of its products as Green Approved by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Resource Center, and product listings under the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES®) Sustainable Attributes Verification and Evaluation™  (SAVE™) Program.

About iLevel by Weyerhaeuser

iLevel is Weyerhaeuser’s integrated residential, multi-family and light construction framing business providing seamless, unified building solutions. By offering the most comprehensive and innovative collection of proven structural framing materials, technical support and software in the building industry, and the means to distribute them efficiently, iLevel is leading the structural frame market and helping builders and dealers succeed in today’s challenging business environment.

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