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Noble Fir from 'New Forest' to Grace Capitol Rotunda; Weyerhaeuser Foresters to Deliver Tree Monday

Nov 23, 2005

  What:  Weyerhaeuser foresters will make a special holiday delivery to
         Olympia Monday, Nov. 28, providing a 30-foot noble fir to grace the
         newly refurbished State Capitol Rotunda.

         Selected five years ago, this tree is special because it is from
         Weyerhaeuser's new forest, planted just 25 years ago after the
         Mount St. Helens eruption leveled Weyerhaeuser's extensive
         forestland in southwest Washington. In addition, it is the first
         holiday tree to be welcomed into the newly refurbished Rotunda.
         Repair work has prohibited holiday tree lighting ceremonies in the
         Rotunda for the last three years.

         The noble fir is native to Washington, found in the higher
         elevations of the Cascade and coastal mountain ranges. It is
         considered a choice centerpiece for seasonal festivities because of
         its rich color -- blue green with a hint of silver -- and because
         of how its open and stiff branches support ornaments.

         Weyerhaeuser foresters chose this tree specifically because of its
         regal shape and full branches. Foresters will harvest it from a
         mountain ridge just northwest of the volcano, and then secure it on
         a flatbed truck for its trek to Olympia.

  When:  The tree is scheduled to arrive at the front steps of the capitol
         at 10 a.m. Monday, Nov. 28. From I-5 north, the truck will take
         exit 105 to the capitol campus. Capitol grounds employees will
         unload the tree and carry it up the steps to the rotunda.

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