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Weyerhaeuser Welcomes BC Government's Offer to the Haida Nation

VANCOUVER, British Columbia
Sep 4, 2003

Weyerhaeuser Company Limited (NYSE: WY) today said that it welcomes a substantial treaty land offer made yesterday by the BC Government to the Haida Nation. Yesterday, the Province announced that it was offering the Haida Nation 200,000 hectares of Crown land in a bid to re-engage the Haida in treaty negotiations.

"This land offer and reinvigorated treaty discussions will contribute to improved relations, certainty and stability for all parties on the Queen Charlotte Islands," said Tom Holmes, Weyerhaeuser's vice president for timberlands operations on the BC Coast. "We fully support the BC Government's efforts to resolve outstanding claims with the Haida Nation."

"Weyerhaeuser will continue to work hard to develop mutually beneficial relationships with the Haida," said Holmes. "But only the Haida and governments can resolve long-standing claims. It's critical to the social and economic health of this region that these issues are resolved so that the local economy can expand and provide stable employment for island residents."

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CONTACT: Sarah Goodman of Weyerhaeuser Company Limited, +1-604-661-8408.

SOURCE: Weyerhaeuser Company Limited

CONTACT: Sarah Goodman of Weyerhaeuser Company Limited, +1-604-661-8408

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